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A farmer gazes at a calm, orange sunset sinking over his organic cornfield. An organic fruit and vegetable broker watches a frenzied downtown traffic jam from her fifteenth-floor office. She sips her organic coffee, takes a deep breath and gets back to work.

The lives of these two individuals are very different, but they are inexorably connected by the organic sector. The OFC represents both of them, and the whole spectrum of the organic movement, to ensure that organic production, processing and trade flourish and are strictly controlled.

In June 2009, the Organic Products Regulations came into force in Canada. Since then, all organic products in inter-provincial and international trade must meet the requirements stipulated in the Canadian Organic Products Regulations.

All farmers, processors, retailers and certifiers now have to comply with the Canadian regulations. The OFC works on their behalf to support the remarkable growth of the Canadian organic sector, in the spirit of a regulatory consensus.

I chose to farm organically because I believe that the health of the soil and air has a direct impact on the quality of the food that we grow.  Healthy soil provides health nurturing food for humans and for animals.  As Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine.”  I have a firm belief that organic agriculture  sustains and enhances the health of all ecosystems.

Angela Patterson, NS


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